Czech Republic

Czech Republic
Idea's yards - talking about Europe

What does Europe mean for you? What are the European values that we need to strengthen and protect? Where do you see Europe in 10 years and how can we get there together?

With the discursive format IDEA'S YARDS the project wants to initiate a discourse between local and European actors, the civil society as well as experts and institutions from the Czech Republic and other European countries on what Europe means to us and where the future of Europe lies.

Regular monthly events such as workshops or panel discussions will be organized by the EUNIC Cluster. Each institution involved will host at least one event in cooperation with one local as well as one European partner to TALK ABOUT EUROPE. The specific topics chosen for each session is ranging from questions of what role the arts play for a better international understanding and what possibilities of European support exists to questions of European democratic values or a shared European responsibility in regards to environmental issues and best practice examples of bottom-up approaches.

  • Debate
  • Democracy
  • Media