FEUTURE: The future of EU-Turkey relations

FEUTURE is part of a Horizon 2020 3 year reasearch funded project analysing thye past, present and future drivers of EU-Turkish relationship

What is FEUTURE?

As part of Horizon 2020 3-year research project, it analyses the past, present and future drivers of the EU-Turkey relationship, involving 15 universities and including six thematic dimensions (politics, economics, security, energy, migration and identity) and 7 work packages. FEUTURE’s research aims to: map the dynamics of EU-Turkey relations as to underlying narratives and thematic drivers; develop most likely future scenario(s) and assess its implications; draw policy recommendations.

Work Package 7 -Identity & Culture Drivers

KocUniversity (WP Leader) SabanciUniversity University of Cologne Caucasus Resource Research Centre Danish Institute for International Studies American University of Cairo

A Two- Day Stakeholder Conference should take place in Mid-September 2018 at the Austrian Cultural Forum (Istanbul) and at Koc University with a panenl of FEUTURE researchers and a PhD workshop sessions